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Rana Electrical Supply offers a variaty of services as well. The servises include project contracting services, final pricing analysis, inspection consultation and project maintenance and service jobs. 

Contract Management                                                        

Contract Management

Contract review service is one of the Rana Electrical Supply services that aims to help electricians to review and audit compliance with Contract Standards. By providing this service Rana Electrical Supply tries to prepare a good and efficinet contract for all types of electrical jobs (Residential, Commercial and Industrial), the contract that has all necessary elements with proper pricing approach with considering legal validity.

The benefits of Electircal Contract:

1. An electrical contract can help you (As a project owner or electrician) have an in-depth specification of the terms of the electrical job and services agreement. It can help both parties in a contract to entirely understand transactions in an electrical job. Being able to come up with a comprehensive electrical contract can be very helpful as it can guide the actual processes of the transaction that all stakeholders must follow.
2. It will help to have a clear and complete understanding of responsibilities and liabilities of all parties in a contract.
3. An electrical contract can allow you to have a reference with regards the agreement that you have made with the entities that need your expertise. The electrical contract serves as an effective legal document that not only binds entities together but also lays all the items that can be used as evidences in any case of disputes, problems and/or lawsuits occurrences during or after the construction or electrical project.
4. Efficient Electrical Contract shows all requirements and resources that have to be provided by all participants in the contract include; financial resources, Job step completion requirement, Start date and End date requirements.
5. A good contract gives your work a legal aspect and therefore can be defended by legal authorities. By considering the dispute resolutions, the stakeholders have an access to legal actions and non-legal actions as contract in enforceable.
Here you can find the template of Electrical Contract and Electrical Job Estimate file.

Submitting a Cotract Review:

Step 1: Please complete Contract Review Form and send it by email to Info@ranaelectrical.com

Step 2: Rana Experts will contact you within a 3 business days

Step 3: Set appointment in Rana Electrical Supply meeting room on your available time frame.

Step 4: Provide full contract package


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