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Delta Ventilation Fan SMT130H

Delta Ventilation Fan SMT130H

BreezSmart Series Delta Ventilation Fan SMT130H
  • SKU: SMT130H
  • Categories: Ventilation
  • Status: Pending approval
CAD 181.65

Product information

General Info

BreezSmart Series incorporates Delta’s super reliable Brushless DC Motor at higher CFMs with adjustable humidity and speed, motion sensing, and a delay timer. The BreezSmart series delivers 130 CFM and 150CFM at incredibly low noise, as low as 0.3 Sones, while consuming less than 18 Watts of power. All models have been recognized as ENEGY STAR®-qualified. Delta BreezSmart is a remarkable feat for residential ventilation. Operate your near-silent ventilation fan without lifting a finger - you just might forget it’s there.

Product Specifications

ENERGY STAR® qualified with brushless DC motor technology
Perfectly quiet operation at <0.3 Sones
Ceiling mount ventilating fan with humidity sensor rated for continuous running
For humidity control mode, when humidity is above the user-adjustable set-point, fan runs at full speed (130 CFM). When humidity is below the set-point, the fan runs continuously at a pre-set lower level (0, 50, 70, or 90 CFM options)
Adjustable humidity set points between ~50% to ~90% RH
Blue and amber LED indicator lights to show humidity control and full speed modes
Annual energy cost for 24/7 full speed operation is approximately $12.10*



CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
130 CFM

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