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Romex 8-2 NMD90 Wires Yellow  300 Meters

Romex 8-2 NMD90 Wires Yellow 300 Meters

8-2 Romex
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CAD 1290.85

Product information

General Info
The Southwire Company Romex SIMpull 8/2 Type NM-B Cable is used in residential wiring projects as a branch circuit for outlets and switches. 
The Cable is made of copper conductors that feature nylon jackets. 1-UL listed.
For exposed and concealed applications
Type NM-B cable (non-metallic sheathed cable) can be used in residential wiring as branch circuits for outlets, switches or other loads
May be run in air voids of masonry block or tile walls that are not subjected to excessive moisture or dampness
Location of Use: Indoor Location
For dry locations up to 90°C or 194°F as specified in the NEC 1
600-Volt maximum
Nylon jackets help significantly reduce pulling forced resulting in easier installation
Copper conductors






Model Name
8/2 Romex
Number of Conductors
Wire Gauge (In.)
Brand Name
Type of Wire

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