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Romex 6-3 NMD90 Wires Black 150 Meters

Romex 6-3 NMD90 Wires Black 150 Meters

6-3 Romex, 150 Meters NMD90 Black
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CAD 1451.45

Product information

General Info
Superior electrical cable with copper electrical wire for residential electrical wiring projects. 
6 AWG Romex SIMpull NMD90 with Freeze Flex with 3 copper conductors and one ground wire.
It is for electrical wiring between panels in condominium construction.
Freeze Flex gives more pliability, easier stripping and added crack-resistance in cold weather.
The maximum allowable conductor temperature is 90ºC.
Minimum recommended installation temperature is minus 25ºC for two-conductor cables and minus 10ºC for three-conductor cables (with suitable handling procedures). 
Maximum voltage: 300 Volts. 





Model Name
6/3 Romex
Number of Conductors
Wire Gauge (In.)
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