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Ideal Fuse Puller, Pocket 7.5 Inch 34-002

Ideal Fuse Puller, Pocket 7.5 Inch 34-002

Fuse Puller Medium Size (7-1/2"), Suitabke for Cartridge Fuse Type
  • SKU: 34-002
  • Categories: Tools
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CAD 35.68

Product information

General Info
Maximum efficiency for removing cartridge type fuses
No-slip grip due to notched handles
Amperage ranges clearly marked
Ideal Fuse Pullers are made of molded, tough, high-impact nylon for greater strength and longer durability. They feature non-slip gripping surfaces and protective finger stops for added safety. Fuse Pullers also offers maximum efficiency and convenience for removing or replacing cartridge-type fuses.
Handy and convenient for removing or replacing cartridge-type fuses
Fully insulated, high dielectric, glass filled polypropylene construction
7.5 in. length medium puller is for 0 to 100 Amp 250-Volt and 600-Volt, .50 in. to 1.0 in.
Notched handles provide safe, no-slip grip
Clearly marked amperage ranges
Exceed MIL specifications




Maximum Wire Gauge
Minimum Wire Gauge
7.5 Inch
0-100A, 250V & 600V Fuses

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