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Lets Save Energy and try to have green home

Lets Save Energy and try to have green home
Saving Energy is crucial for next generations.

The best tips to save money & reduce bills?

First of all, the best way to reduce bills & save money is to spend as little as possible for the maximum output it means how to improve productivity by less input and gain more output, so the question is how do we want to define green and how much will spend for having green environment.

The green building "pyramid" scheme:

If you only have $5 to spend, buy a tube of caulking, and using the tips in our air sealing ; you save $100 on heat this winter. You can then take that $100 and buy a more efficient showerhead and you can save another $100 a year on hot water. This article will help us to know some important tips to how can we save the energy and save money as well.

Let’s look at below Pyramid that is green building pyramid:

8 Home improvement tips that save money: 

  1. LED bulbs: We do not need to explain this tip. It is very easy and just changes the bulbs and use LEDs’. By very simple computation we can understand that the average wattage of LED is 9 to 10 Watt in compare with 50 Watt halogens light and it brings huge amount of saving annually.
  2. Save Energy Sensibly: In winter, turning your thermostat down 4 degrees Fahrenheit, Dressing appropriately for the season and this is the free of charge tip. In summer, turn the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and think about when to ventilate the home sensibly and do not let cold goes out and warm comes in.
  3. Low-flow showerheads: Changing to a low-flow efficient showerhead can save you’re a lot  and saving between 3 and 8 litres of hot water per minute means thousands of litres per year.
  4. Caulking: Air leaks account for an enormous amount of heat loss in a home, and can lead to condensation and mold in walls in cold climates.  Close the openings and try to create a pleasant air flow by using proper air conditioning system.
  5. Plastic can cover windows: If you have old leaky windows, as a temporary winter fix for a few bucks per window you can put a thin sheet of plastic and cover your window and you will save money, keep your windows free of frost, and make your house less unproductive.
  6. Foam draft strip on a roll: costs only a few dollars and can stop air leaks around doors and window frames without sealing them shut. Start with older doors and windows that they are the main sources of wasting energy. 
  7. Plumbing fixture: If you have older taps or shower heads, they could be costing you a huge amount of money. Check to see if there is the ability to screw on an aerator or change them
  8. Smart thermostats: The solution is very simple. Use smart thermostat that can adjust temperature when you are on the bed or outside of house. More control means more money saving. Lots of brands in the market try to select most efficient one.