Rana Electrical Supply offers a variety of services as well. The services include project contracting services, final pricing analysis, inspection consultation and project maintenance and service jobs. 

Contract Management                                                        

Contract review service is one of the Rana Electrical Supply services that aims to help electricians to review and audit compliance with Contract Standards. By providing this service Rana Electrical Supply tries to prepare a good and efficient contract for all types of electrical jobs (Residential, Commercial and Industrial), the contract that has all necessary elements with proper pricing approach with considering legal validity.

The benefits of Electrical Contract:

  1. An electrical contract can help you (As a project owner or electrician) have an in-depth specification of the terms of the electrical job and services agreement. It can help both parties in a contract to entirely understand transactions in an electrical job. Being able to come up with a comprehensive electrical contract can be very helpful as it can guide the actual processes of the transaction that all stakeholders must follow.
  2. It will help to have a clear and complete understanding of responsibilities and liabilities of all parties in a contract.
  3. An electrical contract can allow you to have a reference with regards the agreement that you have made with the entities that need your expertise. The electrical contract serves as an effective legal document that not only binds entities together but also lays all the items that can be used as evidences in any case of disputes, problems and/or lawsuits occurrences during or after the construction or electrical project.
  4. Efficient Electrical Contract shows all requirements and resources that have to be provided by all participants in the contract include; financial resources, Job step completion requirement, Start date and End date requirements.
  5. A good contract gives your work a legal aspect and therefore can be defended by legal authorities. By considering the dispute resolutions, the stakeholders have an access to legal actions and non-legal actions as contract in enforceable.
  6. We proudly serve as an industry-leading electrical contractor, adept at executing projects with precision and expertise. Additionally, we are a trusted supplier of high-quality electrical products, offering a one-stop professional solution for all your electrical needs.
  7. We take pride in our role as a reputable electrical contractor, specializing in residential projects, while also serving as a trusted supplier of top-notch electrical products. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our professional services. For any upcoming projects you wish to initiate, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to provide you with the highest level of professional service and support

Here you can find the template of Electrical Contract and Electrical Job Estimate file.

Submitting a Contract Review:

Step 1: Please complete Contract Review Form and send it by email to

Step 2: Rana Experts will contact you within a 3 business days

Step 3: Set appointment in Rana Electrical Supply meeting room on your available time frame.

Step 4: Provide full contract package


  Final Cost Analysis 

In electrical contracting, you have to estimate and submit bids to win projects. This means bidding low enough to win against your competitors, but at the same time your bid should be high enough to cover all the project costs like material, labor, subcontractors, and indirect cost and overheads. Have you ever computed the fuel cost to visit the projects? How many times you go for completing the electrical job? Do you charge your customer for any extra visit? It is not about creating more profit but it is about how can we see the facts and reality of electrical jobs.

Here we start with some simple steps: 


  1. Choose the Right Project to Bid: It is very important to make a proper decision based on your experience and market: Avoid bidding the projects that you do not have enough experience or you are not sure about the challenges in future. You need the assess a risk of bidding the project. You want to take the job and make money but you have to meet all project requirements and deliverables.
  2. Review the Specifications: Completely study the general specifications in addition to the technical specifications and pay attention to contractor qualifications, payment terms, bonding capacity, insurance requirements and make sure that you understand the legal language of electrical contracts, terms and clauses. Review technical specification with more attention and understand all the requirements for material grade, Standards and codes, installation methodologies, project timing and do not forget that is the project and has start date and end date. 
  3. Review the Drawings: It will help you to understand the scope of the project and the complexities that you may face in future. You need to investigate the height and elevation that will affect your labor cost and you may need some special equipment for very high installations.
  4. Quantitative approach: Begin with counting and measuring items mentioned in the drawings or job specification. Start with one item. The Items like light fixtures, receptacles, Pot lights, Conduit runs, Distribution panels, Breaker, Outlets, Cover Plates, Electrical Boxes, Wires, Number of LED lights, Outdoor services, Number of disconnect switches, Number of switches, Ventilation Fans, Dimmers, Times, Step Lights, Rope Lights, Landscaping Lights, Vapor Barriers, Smoke detectors, Any cabinet lighting, Transformers, Closet lights, Disk Lights, LED bulbs, Any emergency or security lighting fixture, Terminals and Connectors, Rigid lighting and any other special requirements and count all item sheet by sheet and keeping totals per sheet before moving to the next item. 
  5. Request Supplier Quotes: Try to find the best suppliers in the market. Consider price and quality and also after sales services. You may return some of your items or maybe you need some technical consultation that Rana Electrical Supply can help you in this matter.
  6. Create your Estimate:  Now that you have the quantities of items and need to determine the unit cost for each item. You have two parts for estimate the material cost estimate and the labor cost estimate. Actually understanding the material cost is simple but the labor cost requires that you know how long it takes to complete the tasks, the level of expertise that you need for performing the job and it all needs experience and knowledge.
  7. Add Overhead and Profit: Now It is a time to add your profit and overhead (indirect cost) to compute your sales price. So In previous steps we talked about direct cost (Material Cost plus Labor Cost) and in this step we want to understand the meaning of overhead costs or indirect costs. The profit that you want to make on project depends on many variables like market condition, business cycle, demand and supply in the market but you know the common percentage for profit margin and top of that you can add profit margin if you can create competitive advantages for your project and your company. By offering low prices or by differentiation strategies or very high level customer service you can create competitive edge in the market and make more profit those common percentages. The overhead costs include, office lease, the expenses that it is required to run your business, your marketing cost and advertisement cost, book keeping costs and all costs that they are fixed in nature. 
  8. Build your Proposal: This is important part of our job as we want to avoid any confusion. By building the proposal you communicate with general contractors or project owner about the things that you want to complete for them and you show them the scope of project. 
  9. Double Check Takeoff Quantities & Estimate: You have to check everything again. Your estimate, cost analysis to make sure you cover everything.
  10. Submit Bid: Today, everyone submits bids electronically either through the bid site that they received the bid or via email. But the email is the best medium for submitting the bids.
  11. Follow up with Customer 



 Inspection Consultation

Easily by booking and appointment we can talk about your inspection concerns.

How do you apply for an inspection?

How do you notify ESA about electrical work? 

And many other questions that you may have. Please complete the form and send it to to book your appointment 

Inspection Form




 Maintenance and Service jobs

 You can easily talk about your maintenance and services requirement with Rana Electrical Supply.

Just send us and email on and Rana Team will contact you in 3 to 4 business days.